USF Stormwater Master Plan

Tampa, FL
USF Stormwater Master Plan Created by CPWG Engineers

CPWG developed a stormwater master plan for the USF Tampa Campus

USF Stormwater Master Plan Created by CPWG Engineers

Stormwater Ponds Were Designed to

  • Alleviate Flooding
  • Provide Water Quality Treatment
  • Add to Campus Environment
USF Stormwater Master Plan Created by CPWG Engineers

CPWG Engineering Study Covered

  • Review Existing Reports and Plans
  • Evaluation of Existing Stormwater System
  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Development of Alternatives
USF Stormwater Master Plan Created by CPWG Engineers

CPWG Cascading Lake Design Included

  • Size of the Pond
  • Control Elevations
  • Weir Lengths
  • Pipe Sizes and Inverts
  • Underdrain Information

USF Stormwater Master Plan

Tampa, FL

CPWG was engaged by University of Southern Florida (USF) to develop a stormwater master plan for their 977 acre USF Tampa Campus.  Stormwater ponds were designed and constructed within the existing USF campus to alleviate flooding and provide water quality treatment prior to discharging off-site.  The project involved data collection, water quantity modeling, alternative analysis, conveyance system modeling, construction plans and permitting.

CPWG Stormwater Engineers prepared an Engineering Study for the USF Tampa Campus.  The study included the collection and review of existing reports, plans and other data, an inventory and evaluation of the existing stormwater system, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling of the east and west basins using ICPR, and environmental analysis, development of alternatives and concepts plans, meeting with the Water Management District and the preparation of an Engineering Report.

CPWG was also responsible for the Final Design of the stormwater facilities.  Advanced Interconnect Pond Routing (adICPR) was used to model the system.  Modret and Ponds were used to perform pond recovery analysis.  The stormwater plan involved the construction of a cascading lake system and associated stormwater pipes which would provide the necessary water quality treatment volume, attenuate the 25-year/24-hour storm event and pre-post the volume for the 100-year/24-hour storm.  The volume criteria were due to the location of the campus in a land locked watershed.  The size of the pond, control elevations, weir lengths, pipe sizes and inverts, underdrain information and other detailed design parameters for finalized.  Final construction plans and specifications were created.  Construction took about 6 months.  During this time construction administration services and permit certification serviced were provided.

To ensure the plans met Florida environmental laws the CPWG team prepared and submitted the required permits for USF. At the 60% level of completion, the plan sets, along with the engineering report, were submitted to the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).  A Construction Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) was received from the SFWMD for the pond expansion, pipe installation, and control structure modifications. Construction of the stormwater facility is complete.  As a final check, a water quality analysis was performed to meet permit criteria and the required 80% removal rate.




Design: Stormwater Management System

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Evaluation 

Innovative Green Industry BMPs

Permitting: Environmental Resource

Value Engineering

Water Quality Management Plan

USF Stormwater Master Plan Created by CPWG Engineers

USF Stormwater Master Plan Created by CPWG Engineers