St Pete Beach Pavement Management Project

St Pete Beach, FL
Pavement encountered during CPWG's City of St Pete Beach Pavement Management Project

CPWG Pavement Management Team was contracted by the City of St. Pete Beach to implement a complete pavement management program.

Damage assessed during CPWG's City of St Pete Beach Pavement Management Project

CPWG “Boots on the Ground’ Inspection Identified

  • All Distress Types,
  • Severity Levels And
  • Quantities Within Each Sample
Damage assessed during CPWG's City of St Pete Beach Pavement Management Project

Our Pavement Management Team

  • Verified pavement network inventory items
  • Broke branches into sections at each intersection
  • Determined total samples to inspect per section
  • Provided a digital photo of each sample location
  • Provided continued support services
Good road conditions during CPWG's City of St Pete Beach Pavement Management Project

Our Team Used PAVER software to

  • Calculate the PCI for each pavement section
  • Provided GIS linking of all pavement sections
  • Provide a complete Network inventory and condition listing
  • Provide a final report of findings

City of St Pete Beach Pavement Management Project

St Pete Beach, FL

CPWG was contracted to supplement City of St Pete Beach Pavement Management Services by implementing a complete pavement management program on the PAVER system platform. CPWG was responsible for verifying pavement and sidewalk inventory items within the field, updating the MicroPAVER database as necessary, re-inspecting all maintained pavement sections within the city following ASTM standard D6433-11, re-inspecting all maintained sidewalk sections within the city, providing digital images of each sample location, verifying all GIS links within MicroPAVER, updating all necessary work history items to keep the database current., providing onsite implementation, providing continued technical support via 8 hour unlimited phone, email or web conferencing for the period of one year, providing a 3 user license to St. Pete Beach for MicroPAVER 6.5.7, and a final report of findings.

CPWG Pavement Inspection.

The CPWG Pavement Management Team used the PAVER pavement management system to define the pavement network in terms of “Branches” and “Sections”. The City of St. Pete Beach’s Roadways Network consisted of all maintained roadways within the City with each roadway broken down into management sections on a block by block basis. Within each management section, the total number of possible sample locations was determined and then approximately 10% of these samples were inspected following the ASTM standard D6433-11. PCI scores were then determined for each management section.

During the re-inspection process, a digital image was taken at each sample location. This provided the City with a visual representation of the types of distresses that are occurring within each pavement section. These digital images were then linked within the PAVER database to allow for fast image retrieval. In addition to linking the images within PAVER, CPWG also provided a fully indexed DVD containing these digital images. The images stored on DVD followed the directory guidelines requested by City of St. Pete Beach staff. Through evaluation of the digital images, City planners could understand a cosmetic relationship between pavement surface and PCI.

 CPWG Pavement Management Program.

Before the CPWG team began maintenance and rehabilitation planning, an asphalt pavement model was developed for the City of St. Pete Beach’s Asphalt based roadway network. The model was in terms of age of pavement vs. condition and identifies the expected PCI decrease as the pavement ages. The model assumes a PCI of 100 (Excellent condition) at construction and based on the climate and current condition status of the pavement an approximate 2 point PCI decrease per year.

CPWG Pavement Management experts’ objective is the creation of a successful pavement management plan with proper allocation of funds that delivers treatment to the right pavement at the right time. The CPWG team updated the City of St. Pete Beach Pavement Management program based on a thorough examination of the City’s roadway network which will without doubt provide for a maximized condition level of serviceability of the pavement network in a cost effective manner. As a consultant providing PAVER based pavement management plans throughout the United States over the past 15 years, CPWG has been able to correlate suggested preventive and major maintenance and rehabilitation strategies with the seven condition categories. All suggested strategies were based on actual estimated costs and availability to the City of St. Pete Beach. CPWG provided these recommendations based on the 15 years of experience.


Pavement Management

ASTM D6433-11 Inspection

GIS Setup and Linking

PAVER Database

PAVER Custom System Tables

Condition Analysis Report

Pavement Management Program

Sample Roadway Network PCI Map

Sample Roadway Network PCI Map

Sample PAVER Final Report

Sample PAVER Final Report

CPWG's City of St Pete Beach Pavement Management Project