Publix Store Redevelopment

Daytona Beach Shores, FL
Rendering of CPWG Design for Publix Supermarket Redevelopment in Daytona Beach Shores

CPWG Provided Design and Permitting

for the redevelopment of a Publix Supermarket in Daytona Beach Shores.

Plan for CPWG Design for Publix Supermarket Redevelopment in Daytona Beach Shores

CPWG Redevelopment Plan Included:

  • All Vehicle Access Routes
  • Parking
  • Pedestrian Access
  • Stormwater
  • Utilities
Publix Site Permits Prepared and Submitted by CPWG Engineering

CPWG Prepared and Submitted

  • SJRWMD permit documents
  • Site plan application
  • FDOT driveway access permit
  • FDOT stormwater connection permit
  • FDEP utility permit documents
CPWG Construction Management Team provided admin support for Publix redevelopment

CPWG Construction Management Team

  • Conducted site inspections
  • Reviewed construction contract documents
  • Prepared Record Drawings
  • Prepared and submitted Final Certifications

Publix Store Redevelopment

Daytona Beach Shores, FL

The project consisted of design and permitting for the redevelopment of the Publix Supermarket located at 3044 S. Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach Shores, Florida 32118.  The site was already an operating Publix Supermarket.  The re-development of the site included all vehicle access, parking, pedestrian access, stormwater and utilities.  Water and sewer were available at/or adjacent to the site.  Although a SJRWMD master plan covered the area of the site, a standard Environmental Resource Permit was be required because the redevelopment included a new foundation.  This permit included/required on-site stormwater management.   The project was be completed according to the Publix Site Development Manual.

Scope of Services for Engineering and Permitting
  1.  Data Collection and Kick-off Meeting.  Collect existing information available at SJRWMD, FDOT and the City of Daytona Beach Shores to determine critical site characteristics existing including utility locations and connections, existing stormwater management system and connection, and other pertinent information
  2.  Construction Site Plan Documents.
    1.   Prepared construction plans necessary for construction of Publix Supermarket.  All calculations, design parameters and constructions plans were submitted in English Standard Units.   The preparation of construction drawings for the proposed re-development included required site, landscape, utility and stormwater improvements.
    2.   Prepared a site lighting plan per City requirements.
  3.  Utility Coordination.  CPWG Engineering coordinated with the various utility entities in order to verify/confirm the existence of existing underground utilities in the vicinity of the proposed improvements to the Publix Supermarket.
  4.  Permitting.
    1.   Prepared SJRWMD permit documents and submit for review.
    2.   Prepared site plan application submittal for the City of Daytona Beach Shores
    3.   Prepared FDOT driveway access permit application if necessary.
    4.   Prepared FDOT stormwater connection permit documents and submitted for review.
    5.   Prepared FDEP utility permit documents and submitted through appropriate   regulatory agencies, if necessary.
  5.   Construction Observation and Certification.
    1.   Conducted site inspections as necessary during construction.
    2.   Responded to City of Daytona Beach Shores or contractor Requests for additional information during construction.
    3.   Reviewed construction contract documents, shop drawings, pay requests, reports or other documents associated with the design and construction of the Project.
    4.   Prepared Record Drawings for agency certifications (per contractor/ surveyor data).
    5.   Prepared and submitted Final Certifications of Construction to permitting agencies.


Construction Administration

Coordinate Public Involvement

Design: Civil Site

Design: Lighting

Design: Parking

Design: Roadway

Design: Stormwater Management System

Design: Utility Network

Permitting: Environmental Resource

Permitting: Drainage

Value Engineering

Publix Supermarket - Redeveloped by CPWG