City of Clermont Pavement Management Project

Clermont, FL
Damage Pavement found during City of Clermont Pavement Management Inspection by CPWG

CPWG Pavement Management Team was contracted by the City of Clermont to perform an ASTM D6433-11 pavement inspection.

Roadway divider assessed during City of Clermont Pavement Management Inspection by CPWG

CPWG “Boots on the Ground’ Inspection Identified

  • All Distress Types,
  • Severity Levels And
  • Quantities Within Each Sample
Road Conditions during City of Clermont Pavement Management Inspection by CPWG

Our Pavement Management Team

  • Verified the PAVER database
  • Determined total samples to inspect per section
  • Provided a digital photo of each sample location
  • Provide GIS linking of all pavement sections
Good road conditions during City of Clermont Pavement Management Inspection by CPWG

Our Team Used PAVER software to

  • Calculate the PCI for each pavement section
  • Provide a complete inventory and condition listing of each pavement section within the Network
  • Provide a final report of findings

City of Clermont Pavement Management Project

Clermont, FL

CPWG was contracted to supplement City of Clermont Pavement Management Services. Our team assisted the city by performing an ASTM D6433-11 inspection of pavement, the collection of digital images of sample locations, GIS setup and linking, a final project report, a multi-year pavement management project plan, brief PAVER software training, and provide continued support for the duration of one year.

Using a series of sources such as GIS and legacy data, CPWG established inventory definition for the City of Clermont’s local street network and created the PAVER database. The Network consisted of the local street network as a whole. Branches and sections were defined and inventory items were identified. Basic inventory items at the section level include section ID, from, to, length, width, area, and lanes.

CPWG Pavement Inspection.

CPWG Pavement Inspectors performed a manual “boots on the ground” inspection following ASTM D6433-11 for each pavement section within the network (approximately 130 lane miles). This consisted of locating sample areas that were representative of the conditions in each section, and identifying distress types, severity levels, and quantities within each sample. CPWG inspected approximately 10% of each section according to the ATSM standard which is an industry accepted sampling frequency.

Our Inspectors took digital images of each sample location. This effort provided the City with a visual representation of the resulting PCI score of each section. This gave the City a clear visual correlation between the appearance of the section and the PCI score. All images were renamed according to the corresponding street, section number and sample location for quick and easy reference. All images were provided to the City in an accessible digital format.

CPWG Pavement Management Program.

Our Pavement Management Team were provided a shapefile by the City of Clermont. CPWG provided a link within the PAVER software of all pavement management inventory and condition data to their corresponding segment with GIS. In addition to GIS viewing and reporting within PAVER, the resulting linked GIS is also ARCGIS compatible. This allows the City to continue condition reporting on maps of the local street network. Once the final project was completed, CPWG provided the City with a full final project report. This report provided the City with an executive summary of the project and the current condition status of the network. A variety of charts/graphs and GIS views were provided within the report and a separate Excel based Inventory and PCI report was provided as well. The Excel Inventory and PCI report listed all inventory items for each local street pavement section as well as the current PCI condition and condition category.

The CPWG team worked with City engineers to update the City of Clermont Pavement Management program using the PAVER software package. Our team developed and set up the PAVER custom system tables. The system tables provided the City specific variables that are used by the software to aid in the production of Condition Analysis and M&R Planning reports. Examples include the development of a pavement model, maintenance costs, etc. A core maintenance and pavement preservation strategy was defined as well as the goal plan number of years and budget. Various scenarios were produced against the maintenance strategies employed, conditions to achieve, and budgets specified. Through analyzing the results of the various scenarios, CPWG and the City developed a multi-year pavement management program.

CPWG provided a user license of the PAVER pavement management software to the City that is licensed in their name. The current recommended PAVER software product is version 6.5.x as this was what CPWG was using at the time, as well as most clients within the region. CPWG provided on-site software and data implementation, and a light user training session. CPWG provided continued support for the duration of one year to the City.


Pavement Management

ASTM D6433-11 Inspection

GIS Setup and Linking

PAVER Database

PAVER Custom System Tables

Condition Analysis Report

Pavement Management Program

Sample Roadway Network PCI Map

Sample Roadway Network PCI Map

Sample PAVER Final Report

Sample PAVER Final Report

City of Clermont Pavement Management