Casa San Juan Bosco Development Design

Arcadia, FL
Casa San Juan Bosco Plan

CPWG Design Team

  • Prepared Revised Construction Plans
  • Revised Design Of Building Pad Locations
  • Performed Final Revised Design Review.
  • Final Certifications
CPWG Revised Casa San Juan Bosco Roadway Design

CPWG Roadway Design Team

  • Prepared Revised Roadway
  • Modified Centerlines of Right-Of-Way
  • Designed Roadway Profiles
  • Prepared Profile Drawings


CPWG Revised Drainage Design for Casa San Juan Bosco

CPWG Drainage Design Team

  • Developed Preliminary Drainage Layout
  • Determined Watershed Boundaries and Sizes
  • Reviewed Soil Types
  • Computed Post-Development Runoff
  • Analyzed Existing Drainage Retention Areas
  • Reviewed Design of Storm Drainage System.

CPWG Utilities Design Team

  • Reviewed Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection System Design.
  • Reviewed Water and Wastewater System Plan,
  • Prepared Water and Wastewater System Detail Sheet
  • Processed Potable Water & Wastewater System Permits
  • Performed Final Design Review
  • Certified Plans and Specifications


Casa San Juan Bosco Development Design

Arcadia, FL

CPWG Engineering was contracted to design the Casa San Juan Bosco Phase II development by the Catholic Charities Housing of the Diocese of Venice, Florida.  The contract was to provide site civil engineering services for the second phase of 44 homes and associated amenities for migrant workers housing outside Arcadia, FL. The idea for this project began after local farmworker housing was decimated by Hurricane Charley in 2004. Our team concentrated their efforts on the design and permitting services for the 86-acre development that included home lots, community center, village preserve, nature preserve, playground, and bus drop area.

Our Land Development team was responsible for the development of the conceptual plan, preliminary engineering, site design, roadway design, drainage design, utility design, permitting, bidding services and construction phase services. The team also assisted the client with bid solicitation, assist in bid review, recommendation, and preparation of construction contract agreements. In the role of construction administration, our team performed periodic construction observations of roads and drainage, construction progress and performed minimal water system and sewer system observation of construction for FDEP certification.

As a result of the CPWG team’s efforts, the Casa San Juan Bosco development provides farm workers a healthy and safe place to raise their families.  The housing and surrounding areas are designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient and attractive. Thanks to the liaison work performed by CPWG the project has become a symbol of a partnership between a faith-based organization and government entities providing affordable housing for needy farm workers.


Client Assistance: Bid Review

Client Assistance: Bid Specifications

Client Assistance: Bid Selection

Construction Administration

Design: Eco-Focused Landscape

Design: Roadway

Design: Stormwater Management System

Design: Structure

Design: Utility Network

Master Planning

Permitting: Consumptive Use

Permitting: Drainage

Sustainability-driven Planning

 Value Engineering

Casa San Juan Bosco Homes, Arcadia FL