17th Street Resurfacing Design

Tampa, FL
CPWG Engineering 17th Street Resurfacing Design for City of Tampa

CPWG Designed Construction Plans for the 17th Street Resurfacing Project in Tampa.

CPWG Engineering 17th Street Resurfacing Design for City of Tampa

Plans Were Submitted at 60%, 100% And Final Completion

  • Plan Sheets For Curb and Asphalt Replacement
  • General Notes
  • Detail Sheet
CPWG Engineering 17th Street Resurfacing Design for City of Tampa

CPWG Roadway Designers

  • Provided Construction Plans
  • Reviewed Curb Cut Ramps
  • Reviewed Sidewalks for ADA Deficiencies.
  • Provided Pavement Design
CPWG Engineering 17th Street Resurfacing Design for City of Tampa

Other CPWG services included:

  • Provided Survey With Cross Sections
  • Reviewed Contractor’s Resurfacing Proposal
  • Geotechnical Analysis to Assist Pavement Design

17th Street Resurfacing Design

Tampa, FL

CPWG was engaged by the City of Tampa to design construction plans covering the 17th Street Resurfacing project. CPWG was responsible for roadway design, drainage, signing and pavement marking design, Maintenance of Traffic (MOT), survey and analysis of the existing geotechnical report provided by the City of Tampa.

CPWG Roadway Designers began the 17th Street Resurfacing project by conducting a field visit of the subject project to observe existing pavement conditions and photograph existing physical features of the project site.  Because this project was adjacent to an elementary and middle school it required the construction to be coordinated during the summer while school was out of session.  Additional coordination was required to develop alternative routes for summer school programs. The MOT included phasing and the appropriate dewatering/pumping system, sediment barriers, and inlet protection systems.

Construction Plans

CPWG provided construction plans to match project limits on 17th Street and 300 LF along 32nd Avenue and 33rd Avenue from 17th Street. The curbing and asphalt was designed to be replaced. Since the project is over a historic landfill, a geofabric was included between the base and asphalt to provide additional structural support. The plans included replacing curb cut ramps that did not meet ADA Criteria, Miami gutter that was broken or depressed and not conveying water to the existing stormwater system, sidewalks, full depth extents of the pavement and road base to reconstruct the road, compaction and grading of the existing sub-base and updates to the existing signing and pavement markings.

Pedestrian safety improvements to meet ADA Guidelines were designed including special emphasis crosswalks, sidewalks, and ramps, updated pedestrian and school zone signs and detectable warning surfaces.

The CPWG Construction plans for the 17th Street Resurfacing consisted of Plan Sheets for curb and asphalt replacement, Detail Sheet, General Notes and the Signing and Pavement Marking Sheet. Plans were submitted at 60%, 100% and final completions.  CPWG delivered a cost estimate with the plans.


Design: Roadway

Pavement Management

Permitting: Drainage

Topographical Survey

Value Engineering


17th Street Resurfacing for City of Tampa by CPWG Engineering