CPWG Potable Water Design for St Pete Beach, FL under construction.

CPWG has been contracted by Pinellas County to prepare a Potable Water design for the proposed Pass-a-Grille Way Improvement Project. The project area covered by the design is approximately 5,100 linear feet along Pass-a-Grille Way, between 1st and 19th Avenue. The City of St. Pete Beach is rebuilding the roadway from the base up, to correct the failing roadway pavement sections and associated utilities. A two-lane paved roadway, with a bicycle lane, is being designed. In conjunction with this project Pinellas County is replacing the existing 16-inch water line and constructing a new 8-inch “high” water line. Water line deflections needed to facility the project will also be included in the design. 2-inch potable water stub outs will also be designed at each intersection.

CPWG Engineers will deliver construction-ready design plans for the potable water lines will be prepared in accordance with Pinellas County CAD Standards in 2015 Civil 3D software. They will prepare and submit 60%, 90% and 100% design plans design plans, specifications, and estimates to County for review by the County Project Manager. As part of the plan development, they will prepare and submit Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Water Permit.

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