I4 & SR 434 Pond Improvements, Longwood, FL

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Cribb Philbeck Weaver Group (CPWG) will provide the City of Longwood with engineering and landscape architecture services for the pond improvements near the intersection of I-4 and SR 434. The City desires to enhance this area into an attractive entrance feature for the City. Improvements are anticipated to include new landscaping around the pond, removing the fence from around the pond, install a fountain in the pond, and entrance feature signage.

CPWG Engineers and Landscape Architects will:

  • Prepare preliminary conceptual plans depicting all proposed landscape improvements, including fence removal, if allowable by the St. Johns River Water Management District.
  • Prepare irrigation plans that may include stormwater reuse water from the pond for irrigation.
  • Develop fountain alternatives for the pond improvements
  • Prepare order-of-magnitude Preliminary Estimate of Probable Construction Costs.
  • Submit Concept Plans to City and/or FDOT staff.
  • Meet with City/FDOT staff to review Concept Plans and receive comments (one meeting is included).

Based upon the Concept Plan and comments received, CPWG Engineers will:

  • Prepare Landscape and Irrigation construction plans for the project. Plans will incorporate applicable requirements listed in the FDOT District Five Landscape, Irrigation, Maintenance, and Erosion Control Plans Preparation Checklists and other applicable FDOT safety, setback and plans preparation criteria.
  • Landscape Plans will identify all plant material, placement, spacing, quantities, notes, and details required to construct the design, and will show integration of existing and proposed plant materials in previously planted landscape medians.
  • Irrigation Plans will be prepared for the pond area, Irrigation Plans will identify all piping, irrigation heads, valves, controllers, and other appliances necessary for installation and proper functioning of the design. It is assumed that irrigation is available nearly or from the pond itself.
  • Options for a fountain in the pond will be investigated.
  • Develop an electrical design for the foundation, irrigation pumps and site lighting.
  • Investigate the possibility of incorporating an entrance sign, obelisk or other feature.

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