CPWG awarded Pavement Management Contract with the City of Longwood

CPWG was hired by the City of Longwood to execute a complete pavement management program on the PAVER system platform. CPWG is responsible for ASTM D6433-11 inspection of pavement, the collection of digital images of sample locations, GIS setup and linking, a final project report, a multi-year pavement management project plan, brief PAVER software training, and continued support for the duration of one year.

CPWG will perform a manual “boots on the ground” inspection following ASTM D6433-11 for each pavement section within the network (approximately 362 lane miles). This consisted of locating sample areas that were representative of the conditions in each section and identifying distress types, severity levels, and quantities within each sample. The CPWG team will take digital images of each sample location to provide the City with a visual representation of the resulting PCI score of each section.

CPWG Pavement Management experts will work with the City of Longwood to develop and set up the PAVER custom system tables. The system tables will provide the City specific variables that are used by the software to aid in the production of Condition Analysis and M&R Planning reports. Examples include the development of a pavement model, maintenance costs, etc. A core maintenance and pavement preservation strategy can be defined as well as the goal plan number of years and budget. Various scenarios will be produced against the maintenance strategies employed, conditions to achieve, and budgets specified. Through analyzing the results of the various scenarios, CPWG and the City can develop a multi-year pavement management program.

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