We believe in a team approach to assist municipalities in anticipating infrastructure needs necessitated by regional growth. This approach improves quality of life and economic growth now and into the future. Our experience covers each aspect of infrastructure: roadway design, pavement asset assessment, bicycle/ pedestrian path design, utility design, drainage, stormwater management, streetscape development, and master planning. The CPWG team can assist your team with bid analysis, permitting, public outreach programs, inspection services, ADA compliance, and construction management.

Demands on today’s municipal management and staff are enormous and often require external assistance to achieve community goals. Working together, we develop and deliver practical solutions to maintain and improve all of your infrastructure assets. CPWG professionals have decades of experience helping municipalities achieve their infrastructure goals and meet the needs of their constituents.

We believe in designing sustainable solutions, not just projects. Our team works with your team to take into consideration your locality’s unique circumstances and your specific goals. As a result, we develop a response that incorporates funding assistance, public information dissemination, and operational sustainability into the project’s engineering design and construction plans.


CPWG offers Infrastructure Solutions in the following areas:


Efficient improvements that increase community mobility.

As a community’s population increases, the demand on the existing transportation systems increases. New roadways, bridges, and drainage systems must be constructed. Existing systems must be maintained to alleviate congestion and maximize traffic flow. Aesthetic concerns must be kept in mind to increase community value.

Our team works with your team to improve livability by designing safer, more affordable roadways and surrounding systems. We have designed everything from complex highways to simple rural roads and engineered all of the signage and signals required. Our industry experience allows us to execute projects in an expedient manner while maintaining compliance with traffic control plans, right-of-way mapping, pavement markings, bicycle and pedestrian transit, multi-modal facilities, drainage regulations, and environmental permitting. Our goal in every project is to improve the community’s quality of life while minimizing life cycle costs.

Corridor Studies & Preservation

Permitting & Final Certification

Signal Design

Access Management

Multimodal Corridor Design

Permitting & Final Certification

Safety Investigations & Improvements

Roadway Design

Project Development & Envronment Studies


Good projects start with good planning.

The CPWG team has the resources, interdisciplinary background, and most importantly – the vision – to take a project from its earliest thoughts and concepts all the way through to implementation. Our team of planners, engineers, and scientists are engaged in the planning process from the earliest phases through project implementation. Planning is often the “tip of the spear”, is typically a very public process, and is where the public is first exposed to project proposals. Our teams contain experts in developing project proposals and guiding them through public, stakeholder, and regulatory processes to help them move from concept to construction.

Our planning team has experience in taking projects from the regional planning phase and through the corridor planning phase. This includes corridor studies, safety improvements, bicycle and pedestrian plans, and NEPA and environmental documentation involving local, regional, state, and federal agencies. Our experience has ranged from small scale corridor operations improvements to multi-billion dollar roadway and fixed guideway transit projects. It also includes completion of NEPA documentation and approval by both the Federal Highway, the Federal Railroad Administration, and Transit Administrations.

Regional, Community & Neighborhood Planning

Transit Oriented Development Planning

Facilities Planning

Land Use Analysis

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Community Outreach

Zoning Regulations



Utility design for a brighter future.

We understand the complexities of replacing utility infrastructure that is beyond its useful life expectancy in urban environments and our team has the expertise to control them. The CPWG Utilities Team sets the standard for undergrounding overhead utilities projects along coastal communities. These projects require intense coordination with all the stakeholders to ensure everyone’s interest are addressed during the design and permitting process. Our professionals work closely with each utility company, local, state and federal justification, as well as the public who ultimately benefits the most from these completed projects.

Our team knows utility infrastructure projects require public support and our staff have conducted hundreds of public meetings over hundreds of projects. These meetings range from meetings with a single property owner to hundreds of citizens filling a local city hall auditorium. The public information meetings are vital in on-boarding all the stake holders to support these types of projects because construction is inconvenient and disrupts the daily lives of those in the project area. Our Team provides expert construction administration and oversight to minimize disruptions to citizens and making sure the project stays on time and within the budget.

  • Underground/Overhead Utilities
  • Potable Water Transmission
  • Wastewater Transmission
  • Reclaimed Water Transmission
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Enterprise Fund Establishment

Underground/Overhead Utilities

Potable Water Transmission

Wastewater Transmission

Reclaimed Water Transmission

Feasibility Studies

Enterprise Fund Establishment


Accurate data collection and input for Cost-Efficient Maintenance.

At CPWG, we know that delivering excellent pavement management is an active process. We work with governments to deliver consistent and quality pavement management services throughout the entire pavement inspection and management process. Our long history of successful performance with government clients is a direct result of the emphasis we place on effective communication. We have been providing our clients with comprehensive pavement management services for many years, and we remain committed to bringing the best technology—PAVER 7—to the process. Our boots on the ground inspection process has been repeatedly field-tested for improved efficiency and timeliness.    We deliver excellent maintenance and rehabilitation plans that result in overall client satisfaction.

GIS Mapping

Pavement Inspections

Maintenance and Rehabilitation Planning

Asset Management / Database Creation

Final Reporting / Presentations

Cost Estimation


We Recognize That The Final Product Tells The Story

CPWG offer a full-service approach to the customer’s needs including General Contracting.  Having general contractors on our staff provides an ability to do both commercial and residential projects. From the design phase, through the build phase, and to project completion CPWG constructors has the ability to provide the client with the assurance that their project will be completed with the quality they expect, in a timely manner, and within budget.  For more information visit 



Construction Management

Planning Services
Utility Design
Pavement Management
General Contracting