Our Environmental Services Practice includes a diverse staff of professionals with unique skill sets and expertise. We are aware of the intricacies of environmental and water resource projects. Our seasoned engineers and environmental scientists understand the importance of integrating our clients’ goals with practical, cost-efficient, and innovative solutions. We understand how to take projects through concept, design, and construction while minimizing life cycle costs.

Our team includes experts in Stormwater Management. Stormwater is a leading cause of water pollution. It runs off solid surfaces and collects pollutants such as oil, pesticides, sediments, bacteria, and other chemicals, and then deposits them into our waterways.  When stormwater is absorbed into the soil, it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or flows into streams and rivers.Our team uses a Green Infrastructure approach and associated technologies to infiltrate, evapotranspire, capture and reuse stormwater to maintain or restore natural hydrologies.


CPWG offers Environmental Solutions in the following areas:


We are ready to provide environmental services to help keep Our World healthy

We stay current on regulatory policies and maintain good relationships with permitting agencies. The experienced engineers on our team follow the principles of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) to create environmental solutions for a sustainable future. The CPWG team is aware of the intricacies of environmental and water resource projects and understands how to take those projects from concept to design to construction and into a sustainable future. This knowledge helps us understand our clients’ needs and better manage their project’s levels of risk and ultimate success.

Our attention to detail, along with our understanding of water resources management and regulations, allows the CPWG team to provide focused, unique and client-specific results and solutions.


NPDES Services

Water Resources

Water Quality Monitoring

Hydrologic Analysis & Modeling

Threatened/Endangered Species Studies

Wetland Delineation

Total Maximum Daily Load

Best Management Practices (BMP)

Nutrient Criteria


We Design better stormwater control measures for a Cleaner Future.

Stormwater management is an ongoing process that involves a variety of partners and integrates many diverse considerations. The CPWG team helps public and private clients determine the quantitative and qualitative factors important to creating low impact stormwater management solutions. We work actively with our stakeholders to deliver consistent and quality stormwater services during all project phases. Our long history of successful performance with government clients is a direct result of the emphasis we place on effective communication.

We have provided our clients with a comprehensive range of stormwater services for many years, and we remain consistently involved in every level of the projects we accept. By coordinating each phase, we ensure compliance and permitting requirements are met, and our clients are satisfied.


Stormwater Master Planning

Hydrolgic & Hydraulic Modeling

Watershed Management

Stormwater Utilities

Stormwater Design and Permitting

Grant Assistance

Low Impact Design (LID)

NPDES Services

Water Resources
Stormwater Management