Yaima Ballester, P.E. Joins CPWG Team

Completion of Groveland Farms (December 6, 2018)

CPWG Engineering was contracted by Lake County to complete a flood study of the Groveland Farms Area in July 2017. The Groveland Farms Area is an unincorporated area that encompasses approximately 28,000 acres. The purpose of Engineering Study was to establish the Base Flood Elevations for 25‐year and 100‐year storm events and identify locations where the County drainage system may be improved.

The project team researched relevant reference information to determine potential issues before performing boots on the ground field surveys. The team performed multiple field trips to inspect and evaluate the identified drainage basins. Field notes and photographs (see pictures to left) were taken of the observed stormwater features.  The team also documented the type of stormwater feature (culvert, weir, catch basin, etc.), the size and material of the hydraulic features and the condition of other features in the area.

The results of the field reconnaissance combined with Lidar topographic information provided by the County allowed our team to accurately delineate the drainage basins and stormwater infrastructure. Available GIS data for NRCS soils data and land use was used to establish hydrologic characteristics of the All of this information will assist Lake County staff with updating the stormwater inventory database.

The CPWG team used the data to create an ICPR model for the delineated drainage basins that included detailed information on hydraulic features collected throughout the County to provide calculations of stormwater runoff and its effects on the open and closed stormwater management systems throughout the study area. Using the model, peak stages and flow rates were evaluated for the 25‐Year, 100‐Year, and 24‐Hour storm events. The results identified potential flood areas and the effect recommended changes would have in reducing flood effects.

Public involvement is always an important concern to CPWG and Lake County, particularly when the project directly affects individual citizens. A noticing letter was sent to area residents and CPWG joined with Lake County officials to hold public meetings to gather input from the affected property owners and discuss the project.  After the study is complete there are plans to hold another meeting to share study findings. 

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