Yaima Ballester, P.E. Joins CPWG Team

City of Lake Mary, FL (December 6, 2018)

The City of Lake Mary has contracted CPWG Engineering to provide construction plans preparation and permitting services for the Eagle Knob/Leslie Land Water Main Extension Project. The project consists of designing and permitting a new 8-inch water line between Eagle Knob Point and Leslie Land under the existing FDOT Railroad.

To ensure the City’s needs are met, our team will create the plans based on discussions with City staff.  Our project engineer will also coordinate with the local utility providers to determine the existence of underground utilities in the vicinity of the proposed improvements.  When the plans meet the cities needs we will prepare and submit the required FDOT and DEP permit applications.  In addition to plan creation, we will also be providing a topographic survey and a subsurface utility exploration of the area.

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