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Accurate Pavement Data for Cost-Efficient Maintenance

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GIS Mapping
Pavement Inspections
Maintenance & Rehabilitation Planning
Asset Manage / Database Creation
Cost Estimation


Our experts work to deliver consistent evaluations and quality service throughout the entire inspection, analysis, and management process.


Our experts have a long history of gathering data and using the latest software to analyze and develop successful pavement management systems for our clients.

Cost Effective

We use the latest technology to find optimum strategies for maintaining roadways in serviceable condition over a given period of time for the least cost.

Accurate Pavement Data for Cost-Efficient Maintenance

CPWG has joined with PMG to provide nationwide turn-key pavement management and engineering solutions to the public and private sectors.

Pavement Management Services Offered

  • GIS Mapping

  • Pavement Inspections

  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation Planning

  • Asset Manage / Database Creation

  • Final Reporting / Presentations

  • Cost Estimation

At CPWG, we know that delivering excellent pavement management is an active process. We work with governments to deliver consistent and quality pavement management services throughout the entire pavement inspection and management process. Our long history of successful performance with government clients is a direct result of the emphasis we place on effective communication.

Our Pavement Management team uses high-tech equipment to gather and record detailed data in the field. The team visualizes, questions, analyzes, and interprets the data to determine relationships, patterns, and trends. Out team transforms their findings into user-friendly formats for our clients. Our experience with developing integrated spatial solutions assures our clients receive the customized information and application they require.

We have been providing our clients with comprehensive pavement management services for many years, and we remain committed to bringing the best technology—PAVER 7—to the process. Our boots on the ground inspection process has been repeatedly field tested for improved efficiency and timeliness. We work with our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the project to meet our clients’ individual needs. We deliver excellent maintenance and rehabilitation plans that result in overall client satisfaction each and every time.

Sample CPWG Pavement Managment Projects

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Pavement Management Project, Dade City, FL

Pavement Management Project, Longwood, FL

Pavement Management Project, Lake Mary, FL

Pavement Management Project, Clermont, FL

Pavement Management Project, Seminole, FL

Pavement Management Project, St Pete Beach, FL

Church Avenue Roadway Improvements, Longwood, FL