City of Seminole Pavement Management Project

Seminole , FL
Excellent road conditions found during CPWG's City of Seminole Pavement Management Inspection

CPWG Pavement Management Team was contracted by the City of Seminole to provided continuing Pavement Management services.

Sample of pavement assessed during City of Seminole Pavement Management Inspection by CPWG

CPWG “Boots on the Ground’ Inspection Identified

  • All Distress Types,
  • Severity Levels And
  • Quantities Within Each Sample
Road Conditions encountered during CPWG's City of Seminole Pavement Management Inspection

Our Pavement Management Team

  • Verified pavement network inventory items
  • Broke branches into sections at each intersection
  • Determined total samples to inspect per section
  • Provided a digital photo of each sample location
  • Provided continued support services
Damage Pavement found during CPWG's City of Seminole Pavement Management Inspection

Our Team Used PAVER software to

  • Calculate the PCI for each pavement section
  • Provided GIS linking of all pavement sections
  • Provide a complete Network inventory and condition listing
  • Provide a final report of findings

City of Seminole Pavement Management Project

Seminole , FL

CPWG was contracted to supplement City of Seminole Pavement Management Services. Our team provided continuing pavement management services for their 90 Lane Mile (42 Centerline Mile) roadway network. Through these services a field inventory review and ASTM D6433-11 inspection of pavement was performed on all management sections within the network. All inventory changes were updated within the PAVER database and an updated PCI was calculated for each section.

During the CPWG inspection process, a digital image was taken at each sample location. This allows for a visual identification as to what types of distresses are occurring within the pavement section. These digital images were then linked within the PAVER database to allow for fast image retrieval. In addition to linking the images within PAVER, our team also provided a fully indexed DVD containing these digital images.

CPWG Pavement Management Program.

The CPWG Pavement Management Team used the PAVER Pavement Management Software to define the pavement network in terms of “Branches” and “Sections”. The City of Seminole Roadways Network consists of all maintained roadways within the agency, each roadway broke down into management sections on a block by block basis.  Within each management section, the total number of possible sample locations is first determined, and then approximately 10% of these samples are inspected following ASTM D6433.

CPWG’s highly trained Pavement Inspectors use our manual “boots on the ground” ASTM D6433-11 inspection process to identify all distress information for each sample location. The information is then recorded into the PAVERTM database for Pavement Condition Index (PCI) calculation. The final result is a PCI score for each management section.

The CPWG team worked with City engineers to update the City of Seminole Pavement Management program using the PAVER software package. Our team developed and set up the PAVER custom system tables. The system tables provided the City specific variables that are used by the software to aid in the production of Condition Analysis and M&R Planning reports. Examples include the development of a pavement model, maintenance costs, etc. A core maintenance and pavement preservation strategy was defined as well as the goal plan number of years and budget. Various scenarios were produced against the maintenance strategies employed, conditions to achieve, and budgets specified.


Pavement Management

ASTM D6433-11 Inspection

GIS Setup and Linking

PAVER Database

PAVER Custom System Tables

Condition Analysis Report

Pavement Management Program

Sample Roadway Network PCI Map

Sample Roadway Network PCI Map

CPWG's City of Seminole Pavement Management Project